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On this page you will find links to resources that are on this computer so that no internet is needed. You will find more online resources here.

Potential & Growth


Global network of teachers and youth using the Internet to collaborate on projects to enhance learning and make a difference in the world. iEARN also offers training on using the internet for learning. The iEARN Project Book is found on this computer.

Audience: 5-18 years old

Girl Rising contains files and lesson plans. It provides teachers with a unique opportunity to educate students about the issues surrounding, and the impact of, girls' education in the developing world.

Audience: 12-18 years old

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Through Their Eyes, In Their Voices is dedicated to identifying factors that contribute to girls' success in reaching higher education. Five women share their stories on the struggle to get education.

Fatima's Story: Giving Girls the Chance to Learn
This unit is designed to raise awareness of the impact of gender inequality in education and how it can be overcome. It highlights the real life story of Fatna, a 14-year-old girl from Darfur who has escaped the conflict there and is now living in a refugee camp in Chad.

Grades 6-8 Lesson
Grades 9-12 Lessons
Girls Speak: a new voice in global development

What is poverty from a girl's perspective? Hearing directly from them, in their own words, provides unique insight and understanding of their issues.

Audience: 14-18 years old

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math


Khan Academy

Complete video courses in:


Audience: 14-18 years old


WikiSlices are articles and pictures selected from Wikipedia on one topic. These slices are on this computer:

WikiWorldImages: pictures from around the world
WikiSlice Animals: dozens of articles about animals
WikiSlice Chemistry: dozens of articles about chemistry
WikiSlicePhysics : dozens of articles about physics

Audience: 8-18 years old

cK-12 Books

CK-12 Books are a selection of textbooks on a variety of topics. The following textbooks are on this computer:

Biology Textbook and Workbook
Understanding Biodiversity
Human Biology: Breathing
Human Biology: Circulation
Human Biology: Digestion and Nutrition
Human Biology: Ecology
Human Biology: Genetics
Human Biology: Lives of Cells
Human Biology: Nervous System
Human Biology: Reproduction
Human Biology: Sexuality
Human Biology: Your Changing Body
Life Science for Middle School
Basic Physics
Physical Science Concepts
Physical Science for Middle School
Chemistry and Workbook
From Vitamins to Baked Goods: Real Applications of Organic Chemistry
Earth Science for Middle School
Earth Science for High School

Audience: 10-18 years old



Write and test programs directly on the computer. Twenty-six lessons will guide you through program-writing. Start Introduction to Computer Programming here.

Audience: 12-18 years old

Khan Academy

Khan Academy Computer Science provides 24 video lessons on learning Python, a programming language

Audience: 14-18 years old


Thinkersmith's goal is to help get creative computer science into the hands of all people at all age groups. Two of their classroom lessons are here:

Binary Baubles
My Robotic Friends

Audience: 8-16 years old

National Center for Women and IT

Computer Science in a Box: Unplug Your Curriculum introduces fundamental building blocks of computer science without using computers at all.

Audience: 9-14 years old

Ubuntu Manual

Ubuntu is the operating system on the computer that you are using. You can learn more about this system and learn how to better use this resource by reading the Ubuntu Manual

Audience: 14-18 years old


LibreOffice is a suite of everyday tools that are loaded on this computer. Learn more about using these tools by reading the following guides.

Getting Started with Libre Office
Writers Guide
Calc Guide Impress Guide
Draw Guide
Math Guide

Audience: 14-18 years old

Computers for Classrooms

How does a computer work? How can I fix a broken computer? These questions and others are answered in the following bookslets

Computer Triage for Refurbishers contains guidelines for doing basic tests on computer components
Demanufacturing for Refurbishers describes the process of stripping a computer for useful parts
Hard Drive Wiping for Refurbishers describes how to erase the date on a hard drive
Loading Software for Refurbishers" explains how to install Windows on a computer
Monitors and Printers for Refurbishers describes ways to test monitors and printers
Computer Warranty Repairs for Refurbishers explains basic repair of computers
Obtaining Donations for Refurbishers gives ideas about how to obtain donated computers
Working with Laptop Computers for Refurbishers describes how to check operation of a laptop
Warehouse Operations for Refurbishers describes how to organize comptuers in a warehouse

Audience: 14-18 years old


CK-12 Books

Engineering: an Introduction for High School

Audience: 14-18 years old


Khan Academy

Complete video courses in:


Audience: 8-18 years old

CK-12 Books By Grade:

Grade 6 Math Concepts
Grade 6 Math
Grade 7 Math
Algebra Explorations, Pre-K through Grade 7


Algebra I
Basic Algebra
Basic Algebra Concepts
Algebra II


Basic Geometry
Basic Geometry Concepts
Geometry Concepts

Audience: 10-18 years old


Hesperian Hesperian has written a number of helpful books that guide people who may not have easy access to doctors and other medical advice. To get the latest versions of these books online, click here
Other books include:

Where There is No Doctor
Where Women Have No Doctor
A Book for Midwives
A Womens' Health Exchange

Audience: 14-18 years old


MedlinePlus is a medical reference for health and illness.

Audience: 14-18 years old

PopCouncil It's All One Curriculum offers content on almost any topic you might want to include in teaching young people about gender, sexual health, HIV, sexuality, relationships, communication, intimate-partner violence, puberty, reproduction, contraception, abortion, or advocating for their own rights. It is intentionally comprehensive so that you can seelct the content and activities that meet your needs.


Audience: 14-18 years old